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Experiencing St. Lucia With The Family

The Caribbean had always been out-of-budget for my family and me, but in February 2015, we decided to take a trip to St. Lucia. At first glance, I noticed that the south is more rural, where the locals live, and the north is richer, where all the expats live and where most of the best resorts are based.

We landed in the afternoon after one of the longest flights I have ever sat on (being from the UK) only to enter a tiny airport. After piling our luggage onto the trolley, we made our way through security. Before leaving security, we were approached by a man saying we were not allowed to take the trolley any further, and before we knew it, he was piling our bags onto his own trolley. (This reminded me of India and its cheap stunts for swindling a rupee or two). Of course, that meant we now had to pay him some money to cart our bags around, which we could have done ourselves. But alas, this move looked like standard procedure here.

On the way to our hotel, we stopped off at a little café area that I'll never forget. The views here were absolutely fabulous, and we suddenly felt as though we were close to heaven.

The resort we were staying in was called Smuggler's Cove — a nice little place on acres of beautiful land. When we were younger, my brother and I would have visited all seven pools. However, as adults, only one of the pools mattered to us — the one with the pool bar.

During the week, we took a trip on a catamaran. We started out at the Rodney Bay Marina on the Mango Tango. It sailed out until we reached another marina. We docked here and were transported by bus up into the volcanos. Here, we first visited a pretty little waterfall and then the most incredible mud bath. The mud pool was 37 degrees Celsius, so when we first stepped in, we felt like we were being burnt. But once we settled in, we felt the most amazing feeling ever.

After this adventure, my mum and dad visited a plantation while my brother and I went zip-lining. This was something we hadn’t done before, so it was nerve-racking and thrilling at the same time. We headed back onto the catamaran, where the trip turned into a party! Everyone was encouraged to get up and dance. Needless to say, with the free alcohol flowing, it wasn’t hard to persuade people.

St. Lucia is very small, and staying in the north means you wouldn't usually travel down to the south. The island is still developing, and it's not as commercial as places like the Dominican Republic or Barbados, but it's a nice little island to get away to if you're looking for sun, sea and sand. 

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